jag saknar när jag var liten

Hey everyone. I am sorry for the long absence. I've been going through some emotional troubles and haven't been in the mood to do anything at all, unfortunately. I dislike when I become like this, but it happens and there isn't much I can do about it other than learn to cope. The weather seemed to follow suite and joined me in being sad, but today the sun has come out and the temperature has gone up considerably and I thought I'd come out from my bed and greet the warm air. My grandmother is staying with us this week and she has been trying to cheer me up. My whole family has been careful of me and I feel guilty that I make them worry. My dad calls me several times a day just to tell me a lame joke and my sister has been giving me long hugs and tells me funny stories. Everyone is trying to help me out. I love them so much.

I hope I am happy again soon.

Several weeks ago I received a package from Sweden that made me miss my childhood. Tack så mycket, Minna för ditt paket. Det gjorde mig mycket glad <3

Swedish postage stamps are cute~


This one is my favorite <3