Wednesday Night TV~

cute~<3Today I went to Old Navy with my sister today..I wanted to get a pair of flip flops and some camis~ I also got this~ It's really comfy! So the wedding on Saturday was really fun! My cousin's dress was sooo pretty. I don't think I can describe it...haha but it was very beautiful~ We got back home at around feet hurt a lot..I'm not really good with high heels ;__;

So who else is watching Project Runway?? I love this's so much fun watching them make beautiful clothes~ I wonder what tonights challenge is going to be~yay~

EDIT 13:26 OMG!!! Roger Federer just lost to Andy Murray (7-5, 6-4) during their second round match at the Cincinnati Masters!! Can you believe it?? Federer losing?? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!