I have eaten lots of things today. In the morning I toasted some whole wheat bread and spread white cheese on it and added some mint and basil and drank ginger tea! I made that wooden wolf head when I was 12. We used it for some scouting activity back then. I hadn't seen it for years and then last year my friend took it out of his car and said "I've kept this so I could give it back to it's owner!". I got so happy! I use it for drinking tea in my bed now.

It's rainy and ugly outside, but my flowers make everything awesome.

Ate at Ikea with my friend.

Then we ate watermelons.

And just now, I ate some organic strawberries with Greek yogurt and organic honey! SO GOOD. I'm just sketching some things right now while watching The Office~ I miss Michael Scott ;___;

Tomorrow might be an exciting day! I hope everything goes according to plan!

Have a good week you guys <3