School is out and I have been doing so many things! Reading, drawing, running, sleeping, is great~ I have gotten to meet up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while~ I feel content and relaxed. I bought my tickets to Dubai and India on Monday~ It is final now! I am going to study abroad in the winter~!!! Now I need to save up for a good camera meh meh~ I was playing Portal 2 and now that it is over I feel sad hahaha. I wish the game was longer ;____; But I did what I always do when I am caught up with something:

Want You Gone by ~miyoo on deviantART

Ever since I started school, I've kind of ignored by DeviantArt page, but I cleaned it up yesterday~ I had a bunch of art in there that was superrr old! I'm gonna upload newer things now <3

I hope you guys are all doing well~ Have a wonderful weekend! <3