And though I bet you think it's better on the inside there with them, We're better of outside looking back in

I've been meaning to post two of my latest purchases. I bought them a while ago, but I haven't had time to post photos because of school~ I got these wonderfully wonderful platform sandals and a bright blue nail polish! I bought them both from Urban Outfitters. I really love the shoes because I can run/walk fast in them and they are very comfortable...because they are platforms and not slanted like regular wedges~ .............SO HAPPY~
Studio final is in exactly ONE WEEK. On monday my partner and I left school at 5 am...after being infront of a computer for almost 12 hours......We were dead tired. We couldn't function properly on Tuesday and decided to leave two hours early. Our partner is still very sick so we are pulling everything together by ourselves. We don't mind, we just want him to be healthy, but what is bothering us is how everyone is getting so ahead and we feel as if our professors isn't investing enough time in us anymore....we feel like he doesn't care. We are feeling abandoned. We are encouraging ourselves even though he isn't. We can do it~
After my studio final I have a paper to write for Modern Art and then I will be free from school for a little while! I can not wait~ This summer I MIGHT go to Armenia. I haven't seen my relatives in ten years and I miss them so much. My uncle (mom's brother) and his family live in Iran and they are not able to come over here to visit, but they can go to I'll meet them there~! I hope it all works out. I also have first cousin's from my dad's side that I have never met in my life that live in Iran...they always tell me to visit Armenia so they can go to for a family renunion but I am never able to cause of school and other responsibilites~ My dad really wants my mom to be able to see her brother because they have a really close bond...I hope I hope I hope I HOPE everything works out! <3

I love robyn. She has come so far from when I was listening to her as a little girl.