Babysitting is fun

My friend was going to Vegas for a few days and asked me if I could babysit his dog while he was gone. Of course I said yes!! We had a blast together. Even though I have a lot a lot of homework, I tried to spend as much time as I could with him. I had never taken care of a dog before~ It was so awesome. My dad loves dogs and my mom is kind of scared of them and my sister is super scared. My mom doesn't like it when dogs are inside the house....she keeps stressing out about the hair...but when my friend's dog was here, she totally changed! She was trying to play with him...she didn't mind that the dog was running around was amazing~

Now the dog is gone ;_____; mehhhhh~ I wish I could have a dog, but I feel bad about leaving it home alone while I'm at school....I couldn't do that to it~ One day!

The first photo of me is from four days ago and the bottom one is from five days ago. The weather in LA goes from cold to super hot to super cold in a matter of's so annoying. This is how I get I have been taking lots of vitamin C. Right now the weather is beautiful. The sun is up but it is a little chilly~ Can't wait for the summer weather~

Other than that I have been busy with school. My partner is still in the hospital. It is almost certain that he won't be back for the final so my other partner and I are gonna have to finish this project on our own. It's a shame...we were so awesome together~ But I'm sure her and I can do a good job too~ Right now the entire studio is stressed and nervous because we have heard that a lot of people have not passed their portfolio. They said that the quality has not been very good and that over 25% have failed. Apparently they have "raised the bar" on us....doesn't make sense cause they haven't really raised the bar on their teaching. If an entire studio does badly...I don't think it's only the students faults. A TA of mine said that they are only passing people with "high passes" and failing the rest. MEH. My mom keeps telling me not to worry and that it's okay if I failed. She is trying to make me not stress but that is impossible~ I appreciate her effort though~ <3 I think we are getting the results on Tuesday....I am not sure. I'll let you know how it goes ~!

My friend took this photo of our studio during a review. We are a lot of students....this gallery space is where we pin up our work during reviews...and to the left...behind the wall is our actual studio with all the desks.