...I sat in front of the computer from 2 pm till 10 pm without taking a single break. My back hurts A LOT. My partner was with me the whole time...trying to get our plans for our homeless facility in order. We didn't get to the sections, but we are happy with what we have to far. It is tough without our third partner. We miss him a lot. He hasn't responded to my messages yet so he is probably in recovery now. Hope he comes back soon so we can be a whole team again~

At midnight (yesterday morning) I started building my new drawer. 2:00 am.

Worked in studio in the morning. 9:30 am

WIND QUIZ. I just like the title of the quiz. 11:35 am

What I ate. 1:30 pm

Waiting for the plans to print. 9:45 pm

After my 2- 10 lab session. 10:05pm

Now I have to take a quick shower before I head out to studio....only four weeks left...stay positive <3