Spring Cleaning

School has been hectic! One of my group partners has had surgery this week and will be out for three weeks ;____;...we have four weeks left of school so it's gonna be tough~ On top of that, our portfolios are being reviewed and one of the professors said that at least 25 have failed so far!!! ;__________; I haven't been able to sleep. I am really nervous~ My parents are saying "Oh who cares, don't worry lolo it is not the end of the world!"....I wish I could be that calm~

Other than that - I have been experiencing some pain in my left arm for the past two weeks. It kept getting worse and then the pain got very random...sometimes my arm would feel numb...sometimes my hand...then it would be fine....very very random. Anyway...I went to the doctor on Thursday and he checked for different things...he said that it is probably stress related and/or something has happened to a nerve in my arm. He prescribed an anti inflamatory medicine for me to take and told me to be careful with my arm...mehmeh always something wrong with me hahaha.

Bought a new top from H&M the other day~ I haven't bought anything in a looooong while. All I have been busy with is school T____T I saw a bunch of stuff that I liked but didn't have much time to look around~ This top was too pretty to pass on~

I have been cleaning my room...throwing away cardboard, old projects....a bunch of random things. It feels good to throw away lots of stuff....feels lighter. I am also making a box for clothes that I am going to donate~ Tomorrow I am going to IKEA to pick up a new drawer~ I have very little space so this will solve lots of problems~ I have washed three loads of laundry today...still have a lot of clothes to fold, but everything is coming together slowly~

make a gif

OKAY GOTTA GO BACK TO CLEANING AND HOMEWORK~ Hope you guys are having a good weekend <3