I could NOT be happier. Not only was yesterday's lecture a dream come true....but today's midterm review was OWNED by us. The few weeks leading up to this review were annoying because we felt that none of the professors were understanding how we were coming up with out ideas, our form, are program, etc. It was really frustrating, because we would work hard and receive nothing back. Last week, I was sitting in my Environmental Systems class and I got an email from LACMA saying that Bjarke Ingels was having a lecture on the 3rd (yesterday) so I told my group that we HAD to finish everything by 5pm on that day so we could go to the lecture. It was hard, but we pushed the entire weekend and week until yesterday at five. We had pinned everything up for the review before we left, so today we just had to get to school at 1 pm and wait for our turn to present. We ended up being the last group to present...at 5:45pm. We were so tired of standing the entire time. Throughout the presentations, we tried to crack each other up to break the nervousness. We laughed a lot~ Finally it was our turn and I started by introducing our group and the idea for our project...I explained the diagrams and showed various things on the model we had made. Then my friends continued explaining and then we started getting questions from the reviewers. They really really liked our proposal and said it was strong! At one point, two of the reviewers said that they didn't like where we had put the housing.....my group and I were confused so we didn't say anything, but then our professor stepped in and corrected them and said we had put it in the right spot and then they all went "well....then that's settled...everything seems really good now". We were trying HARD not to smile throughout the presentation. One of the reviewers called our project very realistic and elegant! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG~ Afterward, our teacher smiled at us and got up and shook our hands. We were kind of pissed at him cause during our previous reviews, he had kept telling us that our forms were random and not clear....but today he finally understood what we were trying to do. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Since we were the last group....our section met up after our presentation and our professor said that we had all done a great job and that he might email us next week for more assignments, but he was gonna let us rest a little bit for our Spring Break. After that, my group and I were jumping around from joy~ We pinned all of our stuff down, cleaned our desks and skipped to our cars to go home~ GREATEST SPRING BREAK BEGINNING EVERRRR. When I look back at a year ago.....the first day of Spring Break was the worse day of my life, but a year later....it is one of my most proudest days. Hopefully I will have many more of these happy ones in the future <3

Here are some images from our boards....I apologize for the crappy quality....these drawings look really nice in person...I had to squish them to fit them here ;____;: