Wake Me Up!!

OMG...I couldn't wake up this morning...too tired. I had a bad dream in the middle of the night..and I couldn't go back to sleep ;____;...now I am at work...about to fall asleep...yawwwwn.... Yesterday after work I walked to Morning Glory and bought a couple of stationaries and sticker. It is one block away from my work place ^____^ The weird thing is..that I don't feel so comfortable in that store...the lady working there is always starring at me..like I'm gonna do something..or break something...Very uncomfortable...that's why I always take my sister with me or my mom(lol) when I go there...but yesterday I was all alone and in desperate need of letter sets!

After that I went to the eye doctor(his office is right across from my mom's and dad's dental office). My eyes have been acting really strange lately and the place where I get my contact lenses & glasses is getting mad at me...they think I'm messing with them when I tell them that I can't see well..so they sent me to this specialist. He was really nice to me! He gave me a complete eye exam. He put in some yellow drops in my eyes to test the pressure or something..and he forgot to tell me that I wouldn't be able to see for about two hours...HELLO! How the heck am I supposed to drive home?? They forgot to mentiont that to me before the exam...Thankfully my parent's office was close by, so I just sat in the waiting room..starring at the celling. It was soooo boring...I couldn't see anything...so I couldn't read a magazine...I just sat there for two hours ;____; The doctor also gave me these ugly sunglasses to wear because my eyes were extremely dialated..and sunlight would cause trouble. The eye doctor told me that my eyes are very healthy(yay). My right eye is -4.50 and so is my left eye...but my left eye has slight astigmatism..so that's why I couldn't see well and had headaches! I'm so happy that problem was solved!

Today after work, I have to go to the bank and deposit some checks for my parents and then take my sister to Borders so that she can buy two books for her summer assignments. At night my cousin and his wife are comming over to visit...yay!! OKAY OKAY...I better get back to work now..^_____________^ BYE BYE!