So many things have changed

Ahh so many things have changed from the last post I made. School is taking over my life and I don't get to spend time with people I love. I will be done with this semester in May. I know it's not that far away, but what upsets me is that for some reason, I am not looking forward to anything. Nothing is sparking any feelings in me at the moment. I just feel depressed. I dunno if it is the weather or school or whatever - I just want to sleep. My uncle from NY was over this past week to visit his family and he spent the weekend with us (he is my aunt's husband). He is such a cool very loving and fun. I tried my best to hang out...But I would always have to go to my room and do hw. It sucked. I managed to play two games of chess with him...which I lost. I owe him dinner. But cause of school, I couldn't take him out. Maybe next year or something....he is flying back to NY tomorrow morning~

This coming Friday is my midterm for my studio class. Then I have spring break for a week. I will do the finishing touches on my portfolio then....and probably just stay at home cause I have nothing planned. Eh. I am just so uninspiring at the moment that it's depressing me.

Wish me luck for tomorrow....lots of labor ahead~