And So Italia Wins~

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!! I woke up at seven to catch the Wimbledon final...unfortunately Nadal lost, but it was a beautiful game. I wish Rafa won, but Federer was just playing better. HM!! There is always next year for him!!~<3<3 Next up was the W-CUP...and Italy won!!!!!!! OMG! What a game! Those penalty kicks were playing with my nerves. I love/hate penalty kicks because I feel like I'm gonna faint any minute. France played beautifuly..their defense is so strong...but their goalie was not so much. I just wish...that Zidane didn't do what he did. He is just too wonderful to have ended his career like that...Marco Materazzi must have said something awful..but he shouldn't have lost his cool like that...He is truly an amazing soccer just makes me so sad.

Italian team captain Fabio Cannavaro hold aloft the World Cup trophy as he is surrounded by his teammates and staff after the final of the soccer World Cup between Italy and France in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Sunday, July 9, 2006. Italy defeated France 5-3 in a shootout after a 1-1 draw.

Man...I can't believe it's all over...