I Love My Moussy

UGHGHGUGHGUGHGUGHGG. Really stupid day. Having to deal with lazy group mates is the worst thing ever. I am always very nice and understanding, but when people walk all over me, I switch into "pissed of lolo mood".  I have a Modern Arts presentation tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon with my group which consists of two other people not including me. One is a girl and the other is a guy. From the start, it was very clear that me and the girl were doing all the work. We both had other priorities, so we decided to split the research and just email the guy all the info so he could make the power point. He didn't reply to any of my messages over the weekend and was being very flaky. Sunday night I texted him saying to meet me the next day at noon so we could put the crap together, but he replied saying he was at the ER........

So I told the girl to email me her stuff and I put together the power point on my own. Today I emailed him the power point so he could add some video to it. He texts me saying "what should I do??".....I was annoyed already so I just said "Make a separate slide and put it on there. You were supposed to do the reading as well, so figure it out". He replied back saying that I should speak nicely to him. "Remember I'm not you bf...". I was so pissed off at the point that I just told him to do what he was supposed to do and talk to someone else if he had a problem cause he had crossed the line with me. He continued to write BS and I asked him to stop messaging me. He then wrote something immature and I never replied. A few hours later, he texted me saying "Hey if you like to act like a kid...I'm ok...but don't be surprise if you see something else on power point". So I just emailed the professor saying that I didn't know how to deal with this guy. I get so offended when people think they can use me and get away with it. I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Besides that...school has been stressful but it hasn't been all bad. I am doing great with my other group. We are very close with each other and enjoy working together.

Yesterday I ate sushi with my best friend <3 and today we ate at IKEA after I came home from studio. We were hanging around the kids section and I found a little moose <3 I didn't want to leave it there so I bought it (LAME I KNOW ;_______; BUT I COULDN'T LEAVE THE POOR THING THERE ALONE WITHOUT HIS FAMILY).

I named him Mousse...or Moussy <3 He is super cute and sits with me while I do homework <3

The last two photos are of my partners (on the right and left of the photo) and our work on the floor......they are awesome~

Time for me to sleep....long day ahead....I might have to kick this guy's ass hahaha~ Wish me luck <3