Wednesday - I got sick ;_______;

Thursday I was at the computer lab....took dayquil at 1 pm...

.....and seven hours later I took the nyquil...still at the lab ;____;

I got sick last week for no reason. I just woke up and my nose was running and my throat was sore. It came at a horrible time. I had a final for our second project in studio on Friday and I was up the whole week working on it...when I got sick, everything slowed down, but I still had to get everything done. It was torturous, but it is over for now. I am also getting better, so all is well~

I have been extremely busy with school. I am at school from 9 am till midnight most days. I go from class to the computer labs and take breaks only to eat. It gets really annoying because I don't get to see my parents. I hadn't seen my sister in two weeks almost, but she just came home cause she has a fever. Everyone is getting sick.

I am sitting in my room with the tv on (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) trying to finish my History of Modern Art paper that is due tomorrow night. The paper writing is going very well (for once...). Gonna make some ginger tea and then continue with homework~

I hope you are all healthy and happy <3