My week in photos

I haven't had much free time because of school. It has been a busy week...everything is going on at once...getting a little overwhelming. I am so happy that I have a good friend at school that I can joke around with and get along with. There are many people in my studio who are upset with their partners and if you asked me a year ago, I would have guessed that I'd be in their shoes now - but I'm not and it is really nice. My studio team consists of my friend, my cross cousin, and I. We joke around a lot which makes things bearable. The jerk teacher I mentioned before has been an even bigger jerk. I really don't get what the point is of wanting to be hated. I mean...I'm sure he would love to be liked, but the way he goes about things...everyone just gets annoyed by him. I'm usually very quiet in school and don't speak out but I called him a douche bag on Friday (I yelled it out) because he made fun of a guy in the auditorium in front of everyone. I didn't think it was funny. He isn't funny, but he tries hard to be by making fun of others. I don't like people like that.

Other than that...I have had some problems with my left eye. The day before my mom came home from the hospital, my eye got super red. I washed it with tea and wore my glasses, but it wouldn't go away. Last week I tried to make an appointment with my doctor, but he was busy. I have been having a light and constant fever, and my left lymph node has been swollen, so it I'm sure it is an infection. The redness is almost completely gone now, but I'm scared of wearing contacts. For 2 and 1/2 weeks, I have been wearing glasses....I don't like wearing glasses....bluuuuuu bluuu..hurry up and get well soon, eye <3

What else......I am always taking photos with my phone, so I'll just post some here. WARNING....LOTS OF PHOTOS AHEAD:

New mascara - haven't tried it yet cause of my eye.

The door to my studio - code is 7741 (come visit!!)

My friend's desk

I loved this movie

Split a fortune cookie with a person from my class

Barnes&Noble with my best friend <3

breakfast while watching that movie with Julia Roberts where she keeps running away...

My desk in studio

My friend and I over the weekend trying to build our site model. It is heavy.

Messing around early in the morning in the Mac lab.

Lunch today

Monday's lecture

My studio desk again...

My friend made this with her phone.

TIME FOR ME TO SLEEP <3 Have a good week, everyone~ I hope I get to update soon again <3