This Sunday = Awesome-ness

YAY!!~ Sunday is just a couple of hours away!! My dad is inviting all of my relatives over so that we can watch the W-CUP final together. I am so excited!! Ahhh Italy vs. France~ It's gonna be an amazing match~ Of course I want Italy to win, but if France wins..that would be awesome too ^_____^ Unfortunately Portugal lost ;___; poor Figo~ But the last goal scored by Germany was really beautiful ^^ I like Oliver Khan...he's an awesome goalie~

I got your letter yesterday after work, Jen!<3 thank you!!~ I took my sister to the mall today...she is going to a graduation party tomorrow...i know...why tomorrow?? It's the freakin W-CUP final!!!.....but she has to I took her...and she bought some perfume. My head is hurting now...all those fumes..ahhh. Whatever...then I went to Sport Chalet to buy some tennis balls and look at some new raquets. I am thinking of buying a new one soon...but I'm having a hard time deciding which one is more comfortable. Hmm..I think that's about it for today...I'll leave you with this wonderful photo!!~<3


{EDIT July 9th at 3:18 am...} GOOD LUCK RAFA!!!!...I hope he beats Federer today at the Wimbledon final!!...if both Nadal and Italy win...that would be amazing!! OHH! and Amelie Mauresmo won the women's final yesterday!!! YAY!!!!~ {/Edit!}