It's Been a Crazy Week

Last Tuesday....I was sitting infront of the computer after a long day of cleaning the house. People were gonna come over the next day. Everything was calm. Then Wednesday came....relatives came over for Armenian Christmas (Epiphany) and then they left past midnight. Thursday morning the craziness began with rushing my mom to the hospital and then staying there until Sunday. Monday I started my first day of the spring semester. I am now in 3B. I have to classes on Mondays and Wednesdays....Environmental Studies and History of Modern Art. My Environtmental Studies proffessor is a super sweet Chinese man. He is so cute. He is an engineer and he has promised us to make us like engineers....apparently architects and engineers have hateful relationships (??) so he wants to change our minds. I have never felt that way towards engineers and I hope I never will~ My Modern Art proffessor is sooooo over the top. He is gay and not afraid to show it which I love. He is super excitedness and always makes hilarious comments. He is really funny and curses A LOT but he says he only does that to keep us awake. Most important, however, is that he is very understanding~ Both professors are~

Tuedays and Fridays I have Studio 3B. According to EVERYONE it's the hardest studio...just cause there is a lot of pressure to do well because it is the midpoint of your schooling. We have portfolios to turn in at the end of the year and it will decide if we can continue studying architecture. I am nervous but I'm prepared to work hard. I have a normal instructor...and by that I mean...he is someone who doesn't have a complex. He is just normal...expects work but is understanding. One of the professors teaching this studio is someone I had in my first year. I hate him so much. Not because he assigned a shit load of homework...but because he constantly would throw out bullshit and make everyone scared. A teacher is supposed to be someone who you can go to and talk to...someone who understands what you are going through and leaves a positive imprint on you. This guy is just a jerk. I don't appreciate people like that. I got the only A in our class in first year and he made me feel as if he was doing me a favor giving me that grade. ASSHOLE. I DESERVED IT.

ANYWAY. For some reason I have been feeling down these past few days. I have tried to force myself to be happy but it's not going too well. My dad says it's cause of all the crap that happened this past week and that my body is finally calming down....I don't know. We'll see. Here are a few cellphone photos I took this week:

Recieved this Togepi as a gift.

Waiting in the ER

My dad, sister, and I outside of my mom's room

an 'abstract' photo of my dad hahaha

I sketched that ended up looking like Mamoru...

Played chess with my friend at a Carls Jr.

My friend from school and I texting

 Making soup for my parents <3

I hope you all are doing well <3