Great start to the new year...hahahah not.

I am very sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been crazy over here. We celebrated "Armenian Christmas" (Epiphany) on Wednesday. Everyone came to our house and everything was cool. The morning dad woke me up cause my mom was in a lot of pain...She was almost screaming. My poor dad and I had no idea what to do so we decided to go the the emergency room. We got there at around 8:30...I took my mom in as my dad parked. She was in so much pain that it was hard to check her in. Once in the ER, a nurse came and asked about her...what she was the pain is...etc etc. Finally a doctor came and looked at all the paperwork and decided to give her morphine and some other medicine with it. She imidiately knocked out. It was scary how fast she went. At one point I looked at her and she looked dead..and I started feeling sick. It was horrible. My dad was trying hard to keep everything together...but he was so tired. I tried to call certain people and let them know and get him things if he needed them.

At around three, they admitted her to some crappy room....she stayed there over night. I wanted to stay with my dad but he told me to go home. My two friends came over and we watched a movie. They told me I could pick what to we watched the Cowboy Bebop movie.

I woke up on Friday....visited my parents was their 31st anniversay. My sister and I drove to a Swedish bakery in La Cresenta and bought sweets and took it to the hospital. I also got my mom a Hello Kitty balloon. She was happy we were there.

According to some doctors....the parkinsons medicine isn't helping they are thinking that ALL of her problems are stress related. Another doctor was saying that she might be in some sort of a deep depression. She constantly worries about EVERYTHING. We have to convince her all the time that everything is okay and that she needs to relax and not give a fuck. It has obviously become a habbit for her, but hopefully things will be okay.

She might stay at the hospital till Monday...hopefully she'll be home tomrrow.

I am so tired brain wants to shut off. My school starts in one day....I wish I could have had some rest. As long as my mom is okay, I will be too <3

I hope you guys are doing well <3