Portugal lost yesterday...i was at work watching the game on my computer.. ;______; so sad. At least it's a good thing that I like France...but still...it would have been really nice to have had Portugal win. Now I hope they beat Germany for the third place. Ahh...so the final is this Sunday...GO ITALY!!~ I hope they win ^_____________^ Sunday is also the Wimbledon final...I hate how both are on the same day. Yesterday Baghadatis beat Hewitt!!~ YAY~ The sad thing is that he has to play Nadal next...and I like them both but ahhhhhhh!!! OKAY!! So how was everybody's 4th of July?? HAPPY AND FUN I hope~ ^__________^ Mine was alright. I was at that festival I was talking about...Beautiful fireworks!! So pretty. What did you guys do?? Did you guys go anywhere fun?? ^____^

Alright. I gotta go now! Bye Bye~<3<3