Lot's of News

Brazil is out. Can you believe it?? Brazil! How can Brazil be out? I cried when they lost...I really cried. The good thing is that I like France..but still...Brazil?? I was so sure they would be in the final. On to the good news...GOOD JOB PORTUGAL. Those penalty kicks were about to make me faint...too nerve racking. Ricardo is an amazing goalie...I want to hug him. Hmm...I hope either Portugal or Italy win~ Agassi lost today to Nadal. This was Agassi's last Wimbledon, so it was really heartbreaking. He teared up...awww...it was so sad. My parents are both HUGE Agassi fans...they LOVE him...and they were both getting emotional. Nadal played very well..and I hope he wins the Wimbledon!~

What else???? Hmm.. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! The biggest news of all(well for me at least)....MY COUSIN'S WIFE IS PREGNANT!!!!!YAY!!! I can't believe it!! I could never image my cousin having a kid...lol..I wonder if it's gonna be a girl or a boy...I'm hoping it's a boy..but I know that I wouldn't care if it's a girl..I'm just overjoyed!!!

I'm leaving for Palm Springs in a couple of hours. My parents want to start out early in the morning so that we can eat breakfast at IHOP~ lol

I hope you guys had a wonderful Saturday! Have an awesome Fourth of July~ I love you all!!!!