Thank you for all of the Christmas wishes <3 Yesterday I went to Downtown LA with my friends again. We ate a German Sausage place that I love to go to called Wurstküche. They have a wide variety of beer and sausages to choose from and the setting is very nice~ It is located in the Art's District of LA, right next to Little Tokyo....kind of ghetto looking area hahaha....but it doesn't matter~

Then afterward...we drove around a lot....finally ended up driving to the Americana in Glendale....and we ate cupcakes at Crumbs.

My cupcake was called the Artie Lange....tasted really good but the frosting became too sweet for me to handle.

RANDOMNESS: Two photos my sister took of me with her phone~

My baby cousin Jacob and I. I don't know what to call him....he is my 1st cousin's cousin....nephew/cousin...hahahaha I don't know.