The icing was had peppermint in it! YUM <3

Loner Santa

Merry Christmas everyone!! I went to my cousin's house last night and met up with the rest of my relatives. I am still sick and I was not feeling good at all....I couldn't speak at all which wasn't too made fun of a little but then everyone forgot hahaha. Right after I ate, I sat down on the couch and fell asleep. My mom or dad put their jacket on me so I wouldn't get cold....I was knocked out for three hours while everyone around me was dancing and laughing. I woke up at around eleven and people were still dancing....I had a really bad headache so my cousin gave me some medicine and tea. I just sat there on the couch feeling really weird..watching everyone. Eventually I got up and started walking cousin gave me some gingerbread cookies and then I played some Toy Story game on the Wii with my little cousin....I kept whispering to him and he thought I was crazy.....ahhhhh.

Today I am feeling slightly voice is still gone...When I try to talk it hurts, so I just whisper. Tonight we are going to my first cousin's house from my dad's side. I'm excited~

I haven't received any gifts yet......Armenians do their gift giving on New Years....So I have nothing to share! I hope you all got wonderful gifts! ^__________________________^ <3<3<3

Bye bye for now <3