I am watching What Not to Wear at my house~ I'm sitting on the couch coughing ;____; I got sick at the end of last week...I went to Santa Monica with my friend and it was really cold. I had a fever during the weekend, but now I'm slowly starting to feel better~ I just have a headache and a bad cough. Things have been okay over here for a few days. When I'm home alone I just play the piano or play Zelda. I don't have a car to go out with so I'm stuck~ It has been raining like crazy over here anyway...and being's not a great idea for me to go out~ I am hoping to be able to go to Little Tokyo tomorrow if it rains lightly tomorrow. It is raining A LOT at the moment....I'm kind of freaking out's just not stopping haha....

Okay it's still raining but not like before. I like rain but...this is becoming too much meh meh. Here are some random photos from exactly a week ago...when it was sunny~

Thursday morning at my apartment....I ate yogurt for breakfast...and did's so boring there. The window is to the right of my desk...creepy neighbors looking in. I hate our apartment so much hahaha. Our neighbors are really careless. Last week I was feeling just horrible cause of everything and to top it all off, as my sister and I drove into the parking lot...someone had parked in our spot. We pay for the why?? We were super pissed. We parked in a random spot and wrote two notes: one for our car and one for the car in our spot. On ours we wrote that someone had taken our spot and if they have problems they should go talk to to manager (it was super late when we came home so we couldn't go talk to manager ourselves). On the other car, we wrote a really threatening comment saying that if they car isn't moved by 9 am, we are towing it. We woke up at around 1 pm......the car was already gone. Stupid neighbors.

Thursday evening in Santa Monica was fun. I ate sushi and frozen yogurt with my friend. We walked around all the expensive stores and pretended that we had money but we weren't into anything they were selling (which is not true...). It was a nice day to be at the beach, thought it was really cold. We also lost our car for thirty minutes and thought it was stolen..turns out they have three identical parking structures in the area and we went to the wrong one. Overall a successful day.

Ahhhh another episode of What Not to guilty pleasure~ I haven't seen this show in a year....<3 Take care everyone <3