The first floor of the gallery. Students hanging around...on the left, my professor and another are reviewing a student. The far back is the gallery displaying the work of one of my professor's firm. The photos below show some of his work.

My professor in the middle and another professor, sitting, are reviewing~

Another professor (right) reviewing.

Yesterday we had a "pre-final pin up" of our work. Our final is a week from tomorrow. My university has a small gallery in Hollywood that we went to. We were there for a few hours....but it wasn't so bad. Things were very casual...especially the critiques. I just talked to my professor privately as 90 students were talking loudly around us. I have SO much to do. I haven't slept in two days. Tomorrow...well today is Thanksgiving, but I will be home writing a draft for my theory paper which is due on Friday. I am stressed, but I am not THAT panicked, which worries me hahaha~

I can't wait till I'm done with the paper! I am not a very good writer...but this time I am not very confident about my thesis, so I'm dreading it even more~ Friday I have an engagement to go to....still need to find a dress.

Saturday is my mom's birthday. My sister and I have been planing a surprise for her...well she kind of knows already, but I told her not to tell my dad that she knows~ She is the type that likes to know in advance cause it makes her happy when she thinks about it, so I wanted her to be happy~

I just got an email from my professor that he sent to the entire section. He numbered the main points and wrote about what we need to do. This is the last point:

5. BREATH Take a break (a small one) for Thanksgiving.  Have some turkey.  This will be a long week and you dont want to burn out on the first day.  Pace yourself.

OKAY! OHH I bought....FOUR PAIRS OF SHOES TODAY(at very good prices...don't be mad at me ;___;). I will show photos soon~ OHHH..and my dad bought a new camera...RANDOM. OKAY time for the draft~