I'm So Lonely In My Room

I've been locked up in my room since 11 am...working away. I have watched some stupid movie that I don't know the name of...but it's one of those lame college movies...Dumb and Dumber, another lame movie about prisoners playing football...Meet the Parents, and Meet the Fockers..TWICE. I am now watching Adult Swim....

This entire weekend I have had a really intense headache. I took a nap yesterday afternoon. I never take naps...but I was desperate to get rid of this thing, but it didn't help. My face hurts too...I don't know what it is...probably the weather...but it feels so dry...I feel dry inside and out. I just feel like a blob....I lifted some weights today cause my back hurts a lot again....I need to work the muscles...make the strong again.

I went to H&M with my sister on Saturday for a couple of hours. I found a dress and a sweater (i'll show better pics later~) I saw these amazing boots on a mannequin. OMG. There are so many boots out there, but I want these! I asked one of the workers if they sold those boots and he said that they were from three years ago....I took so many photos of them....;______;  After that...I came home and continued homework.

My room is so cold right now (I'm at my house house). BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. BACK TO STUDIO WORK!!~

Have a wonderful week everyone <3