Getting Ready For Some Readings

I'm trying to be more consistent with my updates~ I love posting but with school becoming more and more stressful, I don't make an effort to. Some days go alright and some just go so bad....just bad stuff on top of bad stuff. Today I met with my school adviser to discuss my classes for next semester. Everything went well until I tried to register my classes. My account was I ran to the business office and asked them to check what was up. Apparently I owe the school 2,700 bucks cause I am taking 11 units and not 12 units. This makes me a part time student, and my transfer scholarship, which would cover that amount, did not go through........WHUT? So they waited till it's time for me to register to let me know? Now I'm freaking out cause I have classes I need to register....I don't want to be left out.....I hate my school sometimes.  I am upset because I worked my ass off before I got into this school and I made sure all my GEs were taken care of....and now...they tell me that I have already completed everything except for my architectural classes so I don't have enough units per they are suggesting me take USELESS elective classes to fill in the units....basically...I'm just taking extra classes that I don't need. My school is expensive...I pay about $30,000 + a year. I don't want to take any extra classes. I don't know....

ANYWAY. Here are some photos from my studio...just cause I LOVE school so much:

stalker lolo. that's my professor reviewing a student in my section.

part of my site model...i hate cardboard.

gregory peck <3


unit plans for the apartment I'm designing.

The classes I need to register....UGH.

OKAY! TIME TO READ FOR THEORY NOW~ Have a wonderful night everyone <3<3<3