Sugar Rush

HALLO~ It is is Monday ;____; Weekend goes by so fast. On Friday, our studio instructors ended class by scaring us....we have less than 4 weeks left till the studio final and they told us if our stuff isn't good enough, they aren't gonna let us present. BLUUUUUU. So now I'm stressing out. On top of that, I have theory which is an alright class. I just don't like writing papers...I am not a very good writer in my opinion, OH WELL~ My best friend just left our apartment. We went and bought donuts....and then came back to the apartment and ate them with my sister~ It was a really pleasant night. I miss my parents mom hasn't been doing so well. We went and ate at home yesterday and stayed till after 3 am. It was fun to be with my dad. We talked about all sorts of things...I had written down a list of youtube videos I had to show him haha~ My mom was in pain the entire night, which was hard to see. She is super emotional now that we don't live at home. It has been really tough on her. I just have a hard time leaving them once I am there...I can see the pain both are going through. My dad feels really lonely. He won't ever say it, but I can see it in his eyes. I love them both...I wish things were just easier for us.

Other than that...I'm gonna post some photos I took with my phone this week:

My sister and I for Halloween hahahahaha.

Food my sister made for us tonight. It tasted great...but my stomach is killing me now ;___;

My theory of architecture notes....................yeah.

slumber party with my babies <3


notepad my friend gave me <3

a random text conversation

One of the cutest things I own.

TIME FOR BED <3 Have a wonderful week everyone <3