Backpain is the worst

I am so tired. But I wanted to take a break and write here since I haven't in a while. I have studio tomorrow so I have been working non-stop for two days. I am currently sitting on my bedroom floor...with cardboard everywhere. I have given myself a paper cut...on my cheek. I have also accidentally poked myself with my x-acto knife four times. My left eye is hurting for no reason. I had to walk to school today and back, carrying huge cardboards and it was a loooong and heavy walk. I have made my site plan....6 massing models....a section writing my written statement right now...and have to make three more models and draw some diagrams. It is now 12:49 am. On top of all this, my mom has been doing really badly this week. Today I was home working and she stayed home cause she was in a lot of pain. I was in my room working but she would keep calling me to help her get up and stuff. It was getting hard to get any work's not just a one time thing....or go and help and then you are done....You constantly think about it..."how is she doing she calling me?..i can't hear...I should go check up on her"....sometimes I get angry and sometimes I get upset. I was stressing out cause of my work load, but I felt guilty not running to her every time she called. Her pain kept getting worse and worse, so I started panicking cause I couldn't help her. She kept telling me to call my dad cause she was getting worried. So I quickly called my dad who was on his way home by chance. He came home and saw that he couldn't do anything he took her to the hospital.


I am so tired of this situation. I wish she could just be ok.