In Between Two Places

Friday night...right after my studio class, my dad picked me up and we drove to Ikea to buy furniture. We bought two beds, a desk and chair for me and a bunch of other things like...plates, knives, utensils, glasses, etc etc....lots of stuff. We drove to the apartment right after and realized that we had no electricity, so we could not set anything up. The next day we went to a wedding...and on Sunday my sister and I went back to our apartment and put together the two beds. We worked on one bed together...which took a while...then my best friend came over and helped us. My sister and him ended up working on the other bed while I fixed my desk alone, until my other friend came over. He washed our new dishes and put them in the cabinets and then helped me finish my desk and set up my chair. By that was pitch black inside (still no electricity). We left to eat and then we went home~ My best friend and I went to study at around 9:45...which led to nothing except talking like always. Here are some super super crappy photos taken with my phone. electricity in the apartment so it's just the flash:

Now I am sitting in my bed in my house....not apartment. It is raining for the first time...I have class in three hours. I need rain boots.