This was me on Wednesday in the Arch was kind of cold. Today I was wearing shorts....I don't understand the weather here. Everyone is my family is sick cause of these rapid changes....ehh mehh. I am feeling all better now...The sides of my nose just hurts cause of constantly using tissues...but that's fine~ Everything is calmer at home at the moment. Let's me breathe a little. It's been a crazy week.

My sister and I found an apartment. It's pretty small, but it will be fine for us I'm sure. Move in date is October Friday. I have studio on Fridays (and a final on that particular Friday), so I will have to help out afterward. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully this move will be a positive thing.

Alright, I just came home from's 8:12 bluuu. I am hungry, so I'm gonna go eat~ Have a good weekend you guys <3