BLUUU BLUUU ;_____; I'm sick! On Friday I went to a dinner that happens monthly at our scouting place. Once a month, the parents and the board members get together and bbq and have fun. Us "kids" decided to go this time. We were sitting outside the whole time...and it got really cold and I didn't have a jacket. My friends went home to get some jackets and they brought me one too. But it was already too late I think~ Then (for some stupid reason) we decided to play badminton in the parking lot....we were dressed nicely....I got really hot from all the running...and it was so cold outside...I would have been surprised if I didn't get sick. Now my throat hurts and my body just feels weak...but I have been drinking lots of water/oj/soup and have been eating well...so hopefully I will feel better for my birthday~ For those who are wondering~ The scouting I belong to is an Armenian organization that started after WWI I believe. At that time, Armenians were escaping to all parts of the world and to stay united, they would make up organizations everywhere. I belong to the Homentment Western Region...which is made up of Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, Montebello, Pasadena, San Diego, San Fransisco, Vegas....ughhh I can't think of anymore...but there are 16 chapters in the west coast of the United States...I am part of the Burbank chapter...we are called Sipan. Sipan is a mountain in Armenia....all the chapters have names~ Then there are chapters in Beiruit, Lebanon, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Iran, Armenia, Argentina...can't think of anymore...but there are chapters EVERYWHERE. Once every four years, we have a HUGE camp in Armenia...were we all meet up~ This summer was one of those years...but I couldn't go cause I was making up things for school ;___; BUT I'M GOING NEXT TIME!! Besides this camp, we go to many many camps throughout the year. Every four years...the western region also has their own camp...were all the 16 chapters meet up. The camp is usually a week long one. The Armenia trip is for a month though~ Scouting is just a way for us to get to know each other better and be connected....we are all Armenians who were born outside of our country....sometimes we don't fit in, but we can relate to each other. The people in my chapter are like my family...we have grown up together and experienced things that I will always carry with me~

ANYWAY~ I had a diagramming project due on Friday that was pretty successful...We were all given two different apartments to research and create diagrams of. I originally did not like diagramming...but now I find it more fun than the other work we have to do hahaha~ I had to come up with 14 diagrams in two days ;____; (i have other hw too, teachers...please be nice). The two I was given were 860/880 Lake Shore Drive located in Chicago designed by Mies Van der Rohe...and the other...Elderly Housing located in Chur, Switzerland...designed by Peter Zumthor. These images originally belong to a pdf file which looks a lot better:

I have no clue...why everything looks SOOOO pink as you scroll down...the colors are all based on different shades of red...more like the first couple of images...OH WELL~ I have to go diagram some more now ;____;