yeahhh, i'm a scout

AHHH..I have been making diagrams since yesterday. My head hurts from staring at the screen so much. Tomorrow we have a pin up...and I need to finish this all tonight so I can print early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the printers will work for once. So much unnecessary stress. ANYWAY! Tomorrow night, right after studio, I am going to dinner hosted by my scouting group <3 I have been going to scouts since January's been a while. I had to stop two years ago cause of school...but over the summer, I met with my friends and I realized I missed them all so much and that going to scouts every Sunday since I moved to this country had been one of the only constant things in my life...and not going had thrown me off without realizing. So all of us older people...who stopped going cause of work and school decided to go back! I have been back now for a month and a half~ Lots of new people that I need to get used to, but it's wonderful~

I found this photo printed on a banner at Navasartian Games that I go to every summer. I was so surprised! I am the one in the middle looking up~ The photo is about six years in San Diego~

And this was me a few weeks ago in the car, going home from scouts~

lolo scout