Trying to get some work done

I'm sitting in a Starbucks with two of my closest friends. One of them is sitting across from me trying to write some programs for his programming class and the other is sitting on a couch behind me doing calculus. I am waiting for my slow computer to download a very important Rhino plug in so that I can view Google SketchUp models on my Rhino 4.0. It's taking so long. Today has been an extremely long day. I woke up early...ate..walked to school in the heat, and ran to the computer labs to print my work, only to find out that none of the printers work at the Miller lab. So I ran up to the architecture lab....none of the printers worked there either.....then I ran to the Design lab....same thing there. I was so pissed off. Luckily, I had printed most of my panels yesterday because I had a feeling something like this would happen. It's incredible...I pay SO much to go to school here....yet their labs are always messed up. It's so lame. ANYWAY.

My review went fairly well. I think I like my professor a LITTLE bit better now. We kind of talked today and I think that helped. I was reading the news on (a Swedish newspaper) and he saw my screen and he asked if it was Danish. I told him "Close...Swedish" and then he asked if I was Swedish. He told me that he had some Norwegian friends and that they could understand Swedish..etc etc....It was nice to not talk about school.

UGH....the download is at 67%...hurry up ;______;

Here are two random photos of me:

My Mr. Bean shirt <3