Good Times Bad Times

First off. Thank you guys so much <3 It has been a tough week and I know there are more ahead. I don't know how to write this to not sound cheesy or whatever...but you guys are really amazing and I appreciate you so much. I wish you guys so much happiness <3

A lot of things have happened this past week...good and bad. I'm trying to find the balance which has been hard, but my sister has been there for me. I'm not used to being helped and it's very hard for me to ask for it. I had been particularly upset one night and I had told a friend that I was fine, but he had sensed that something was up...I was getting ready to go to bed, when my sister came in my room after my friend had texted her and asked me how I was feeling...we talked for hours...she wasn't trying to cheer me up or tell me how to I should be happy...when I'm clearly not. She just said that I should try to find happiness and not force it...and she encouraged me to tell her how I feel. I have always been the big sister...who people rely on. But ever since we moved here...I've had it tough and now slowly I've been breaking down here and I have to make a change. My good friends always joke around and say that I act like a 5 year old (I like childish things, I enjoy simple things...etc etc)'s cause if I don't...I'll go crazy. Life gets so serious sometimes that I need an let go of things. The day after my breakdown, my sister and I hung out the whole day..away from the house. It was really nice...we read, we walked, we talked, we ate, we took purikura pictures <3