A Year Later

I have wanted to write something here for a very long time but I felt like I couldn't put my thoughts to words. The last year has been a rollercoaster. Right now the rollercoaster is heading upward as I am preparing to move to New York for a few months for a graphic design course. I am super excited but very nervous at the same time. I haven't been to school in a few years and I am embarking on journey in a direction I never thought I'd go on. I try to remind myself that it is normal to feel nervous at a time like this.

In the past year I've been painting a lot - A LOT! It's been wonderful but also tiring. I would come home from a full day at work, eat a quick dinner, do a quick workout, and then draw late into the night. Even though I've been tired physically - emotionally I've never felt better.

Now I'm preparing for New York. I leave in a week! I'm hoping to update here more frequently <3


Here's a watercolor painting I've done for my dad's office (kind of creepy). I'm hoping to make a print out of this before I leave. **FINGERSCROSSED**

Lypsyl Original

When I visited Sweden last summer I stumbled upon one of my favorite lip balms as a child. It is called Lypsyl and comes in a simple blue and white tube and has a super distinct smell that is hard to forget.

I made this small watercolor painting of it after I bought a new watercolor set. I had run out of the color blue so I thought this would be the perfect painting to use blue again. 


A little while back, I created a project for myself to help me practice painting. I decided to paint people that I admire and look up to. One of the coolest people on my list is Swedish soccer player, and current Man Utd forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

His athletic abilities are incredible, but it is his belief in himself that I admire the most about him. If we could all believe in ourselves the way that Zlatan believes in himself, we could achieve anything. 

The Inter Milan days <3

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."

My latest painting is of one of my heroes - Carl Sagan. He's been a source of knowledge, love, and inspiration for me and so I thought I'd finally paint him, because that's what I do - I paint things/people that make me happy.

I was originally going to do a simple portrait of him without a background but that idea changed as I started to paint and my mind began to wander. I thought a lot about the Voyager 1 which holds the Voyager Golden Records that Sagan selected the contents for. I thought about how far away the Voyager is from us (it is the farthest space craft from Earth!) and how far away Sagan seems to be especially at times like these when everything seems to be going wrong in the world.

It's important to revisit his loving words every now and then.