Which is the happier of the two?

I saw The Martian much later than everyone else. I hadn't felt exited about going to the movies in a long while so I kept putting it off. I'm glad I saw it though. It was beautiful and emotional. I also really like Matt Damon, so that was a plus. 

I kept comparing the movie to Moon, which stars Sam Rockwell. Both movies are dark and both of the main characters are isolated away from the Earth but I found myself thinking that The Martian was a "happier" film just because of the color of the planet (LOLL...whatever).

I also loved that Harry Gregson-Williams composed the music for the film. I love love love the music he's composed for the Metal Gear series. Since I mentioned Moon, Clint Mansell's soundtrack for it was so good. It was amazingly creepy and nerve racking. I think if Moon had some disco tracks thrown in there, I'd probably think it was a happy movie too.

Anyway. Here's a quick gouache painting I did after I saw the film. 

Too many options isn't always a good thing ✌

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I started working on a new piece that I've had in mind for quite a while but I finally thought it was time to get it going. I'm using my new Wacom Intuous Pro tablet and it's so cool. For the last 12 years, I've used my super old Wacom tablet (the Graphire 3 - which I still love! We've been through so much together) but the Intuous Pro is just amazing. 

The idea of what I want this painting to be is so fun and awesome in my head. I get a little nervous about not being able to execute it the way I imagine it. But I'm still gonna try. The point here is to get better~


Smooth or textured? Glossy or matte?

I bought a printer a few weeks ago. After dealing with a manufacturer defect and having to send the poor thing back, I finally received one that works! I've been making test prints and it's exciting! I'm going to be experimenting with different paper textures this week. I'm already realizing I need a finer texture for my watercolor prints because the textured paper is making the image less sharp. I've only tried Epson brand paper so far but will soon venture out and explore. Paper is so awesome. 

Weekend Surprise

2015-09-12 01.19.36 1.jpg
2015-09-12 04.06.14 1.jpg

I've had the most wonderful weekend. It was filled with lots of laughter, good company, and good food. We were surprised by a visit from my cousin from New York. He was here for work and wanted to surprise my sister and I. Unfortunately, I found out but we were able to get my sister, which was awesome. I also started the co-ed football team this past Sunday and I was nervous about that, so hanging out with family helped me relax.

It was a very fulfilling weekend with a lot of love and warmth. YAY <3